Aesthetic Medicine

Aquafilling – buttock augmentation – NEW

Aquafilling® Bodyline is an innovative preparation filler, which is used for modeling and contouring of the body: breast augmentation, buttock augmentation and modeling calves and arms.
Aquafilling® Bodyline a hydrophilic gel which consists of 98% saline and 2% polyamide.


  • increase the volume and improve the shape of the buttocks
  • asymmetry buttocks
  • correction of defects buttocks, for example. Alignment defects after surgery
  • correction of shape and size of the buttocks
  • correction of defects buttocks, for example. Deformation postoperative
  • buttocks asymmetry, congenital disproportion
  • “flat buttocks”
  • correction of soft tissue defects of various etiology, for example after liposuction


  • pregnancy
  • lack of blood clotting

Course of treatment

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Preparation Aquafilling® Bodyline is injected deep into the muscle in accordance with the techniques developed administration through a cannula.


The effect persists for at least 5 years manufacturer’s data.
The final result can be observed as early as 7 days after surgery (when the swelling will disappear and the absorption of the solution administered as a local anesthetic).
It is a procedure with low invasiveness. A daily routine can return already 24 hours after surgery. The recovery period is very short and painless. In the absence of the surgical incision is reduced to a minimum risk of scarring and keloids.

Recommendations after surgery

After the procedure is recommended to wear underwear modeling for 3-4 weeks after surgery, performing a gentle massage surrounding the treated by a doctor, avoiding pressure on the treated area, avoiding exercises that are related to the tightening of the muscle groups found in the treated area.

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