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Mesotherapy involves nutrition, tension and firming the skin, with the help of active substances that are injected directly into the dermis.

Under the skin thin needle is introduced fillers based on hyaluronic acid, mixed vitamins and firming that the first application visibly rejuvenate the skin and make it become visibly more toned.


  • regeneration and revitalization of the skin
  • sagging skin
  • anti-wrinkle prevention


  • pregnancy

The course of treatment

Injections are performed by syringe with a very fine needle, in addition to the skin can be anesthetized anesthetic cream. After treatment, massage is used, so that injected into the skin the ingredients are evenly distributed.


Mesotherapy will revitalize the skin by stimulating the natural regenerative properties of the skin. Mesotherapy treatment has become very popular because intradermal introduction of active ingredients for quick and the visible effects of regeneration, resulting in a great mood and patient satisfaction. Noneedle takes effect only when it is performed in a series of treatments. Initially, one must undergo treatment every 10-14 days for two months, then it is worth doing one treatment per month to maintain the effect.

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