Aesthetic Medicine


NOMELAN CAFEICO is a line of modern peels complex, designed tun skin from photo-aging therapy, various types of discoloration, deep and shallow wrinkles, stretch marks. Many complex procedure uses the active substance in several concentrations, so as to match the tun treatment of skin sensitivity, its needs and dermatological problems.


  • hyperpigmentation after sun and age
  • skin gray and devoid of radiance
  • a non-uniform skin color
  • smoker’s skin
  • aging skin
  • wrinkles
  • skin which lacks elasticity
  • the so-called skin dilated pores


  • herpes
  • pregnancy

The course of treatment

Made is the exact make-up removal, skin is degreased using pre-peeling preparation, the active substance is applied after the expiry of an appropriate amount of time followed by washing or neutralization and the imposition of regenerative preparation. The treatment is not painful.


Nomelan Cafeico wear scrubs Pledge of three superimposed layers. With this solution, you can adjust the potency and degree of exfoliation ein also choose the peeling tun specific dermatological problem.

  • Nomelan Cafeico Light – designed tun sensitive skin, stimulates skin cell renewal. A rejuvenating effect for the early stages of aging and fine lines.
  • Nomelan Cafeico Forte – Strong rejuvenation. Improving the appearance, quality and flexibility of skin. After several treatments the skin becomes smooth, about equal coloring and spłyconych wrinkles, firmer and radiant.|
  • Nomelan Cafeico Bleaching – apart from rejuvenating shows a lightening pigmentation of various origin (after sun, inflammatory Melasma, freckles, lentigo) so that the skin regains its uniform color.
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